He may have been ‘Born in the USA’ but local singer Avi Mack broke onto the scene with his first single entitled ‘Hold On’ not that long ago and has just released his second single ‘Caught Up’ which is currently playing on radio stations around South Africa.

Avi, who has been living in SA for over 20 years now (although he still sports a dead sexy American accent regardless) has spent a number of years behind the scenes producing for other artists.

However, his fresh and unique sound has caught the attention of many radio stations throughout South Africa, and he is now working on co-producing his EP with the popular duo, Easy Freak.

“Whenever I write, I essentially discover a part of myself I never really knew about.” says the 29-year-old singer/songwriter.

Avi has worked alongside well known SA artists Josh Wantie and Gangs of Ballet, and his upcoming EP ‘Maybe Never’ is allowing Avi the chance to refine his craft and embrace and also encapsulate his unique sound.

Says Avi, “Creating ‘Caught Up’ was like walking through a maze of mirrors, seeing all these different sides of who you are, and essentially what makes you, you. I was in this relationship that I couldn’t seem to escape from, and neither could she. We were never able to resolve what was going on, and every time I saw her, it felt like I fell straight back into the same feelings over and over again. ‘Caught Up’ was part of my process of letting go.”

Have a listen to and download ‘Caught Up’ here…

‘Caught Up’ is a crossover of pop and retro synth RnB. While it plays larger to fit the format of pop, it doesn’t shy away from using the lyrical content to evoke emotion and depth. Avi’s vocals add a catchy melancholy whilst the 90’s RnB beat uses its distinct production for syncopation and space.

Find out more about Avi Mack, right here…

Press Images courtesy of Matt Mason.

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