• Update to original article:Real Concerts are proud to announce that due to popular demand and extra Mango Groove 30th Anniversary Concert has been added at the Teatro, Montecasino on Saturday, 9 March, 2019.

The very first band that I ever saw live when I was about 12 years old, was none other than local supergroup – Mango Groove. I call them a supergroup, as keeping it going in the music industry for 30 years is no small feat, and they still perform at many festivals and concerts to this day.

Real Concerts have just announced that Mango Groove will be performing a once-off, spectacular 30th Anniversary Concert at the Teatro Theatre at Montecasino on Friday, 8 March 2019.

In the words of Mango Groove’s lead vocalist, Claire Johnston: “2019 is a big year for us as we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of our very first album, Mango Groove. With this in mind, it seemed right to us that we put on a high production concert that showcases the highlights, memories and moments of that album, as well as performing all the other Mango songs that people have come to know and love through years.”

The Mango Groove album, in fact, went on to become one of SA’s biggest-selling albums of all time (well over 25-times Platinum), and produced a string of hits that to this day remain part of the soundtrack of South Africa’s journey over the last three decades including ‘Special Star’, ‘Dance Some More’, ‘Hellfire’, ‘Move Up’, and many more.

That first album release created the platform for what was to become a meteoric rise to fame for Mango Groove, and it paved the way for a host of achievements that set new precedents and records that still stand today.

Hometalk, Moments Away, Bang The Drum and many more albums and singles have followed, including their latest album release ‘Faces to the Sun’.

They have sold out the Sun City Superbowl (the first SA group to ever do so) and the Standard Bank Arena six times each, and have a very unique sound that artfully blends marabi, kwela and pop influences, together with the voice and presence of Claire Johnston – they have literally captivated the world!

What can we expect from the show itself, then? “Yes, the show will be a veritable memory-fest, and it will truly be a joyful celebration of all the Mango songs we have come to love through the years: All of this backed up, of course, with the best possible live production, dancing and performance standards. As importantly, though, it will be a celebration of South African-ness in all its glorious diversity: who we were, our transition, the great ongoing South African journey, who we are today, and what is still so possible for us as a country. This show really will move you in so many different ways,” comments Roddy Quin of Real Concerts.

Mango Groove’s 30th Anniversary Concert at The Teatro, Montecasino, Fourways.

Tickets from R300 now available from Computicket right here…

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