If there is one thing that drives emerging electro-pop songstress, Karma, it`s the need to continue to strive for perfection. Despite having written new tracks over the past few months, several of which have been earmarked as singles, she has chosen instead to revisit her debut single “Image”.

Working with Cape Town-based duo Marc Ronin x JungleGum who have enjoyed European success with their trailblazing mixes, Karma has recrafted the song with a darker and heavier edge, yet at the same time retaining the infectious pop sheen that made it one of the most talked about singles of 2017.

The lyrical inspiration behind “Image” deals with the age-old burden of betrayal and heartbreak, made all the more poignant by her own personal experience “It`s about not being able to get someone out of your head or heart, even when they have lied to and damaged you.”

Fuelled by skittering electro beats, pulsating synth bass lines and vast swathes of melodic keyboard washes, with Karma`s compulsive and haunting vocals weaving in and out of the song, “Image” takes the listener on an unpredictable but fulfilling musical journey.

Karma is always taking her music in new directions, and experimenting with different genres. She is set to release 2 new singles early next year, and this remix bridges the gap perfectly between the different transitions. It also comes at a perfect time for summer and festival season.

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