I do truly believe in the power and strength of the mind, it is certainly something that is stronger than the body that’s for sure and I was interested to find out more about local former award-winning sports broadcaster turned mentalist – Michael Abrahamson.

While you may be sceptical, there is more to this art form that meets the eye. Mentalism makes use of the power of the mind with purely scientific methods to achieve the feats that are demonstrated in the shows that Michael performs.

Abrahamson’s mentalism shows have proven to be a huge success with a vast range of audiences and provide an excellent event entertainment idea for most corporate functions, private parties and end of year functions.

The show is unique and completely different and has universal appeal. As an extension of this show, he also formed a Company called Powerbrain, where he holds workshops aimed at helping people develop the skills he has acquired to improve memory and brain function.

The Powerbrain Memory Course teaches methods to improve memory and is designed to improve concentration levels and build up stronger links between the left and right side of your brain so that you can use more of your brain to achieve better results.

The course has been successfully run at numerous schools, universities, and companies over the past 20 years, and has received exceptional feedback from hundreds of attendees.

In addition to having actuarial qualifications from the Institute of Actuaries in London, he also has a first-class honours degree in Statistics and has been teaching the subject in various capacities for over 20 years.

Michael uses all his teaching and exam experience to empower delegates and teach them clever and useful techniques that have served his students well. As a multi-award-winning lecturer, his knowledge is invaluable to learners.

Before the year ends, Abrahamson will be hosting a Memory Course on Saturday 9th February 2018, from 08h00 to 16h30 at Boston City Campus and Business College, Bedfordview (101 Van Buuren Avenue, in premises of the Virgin Active).

Not only will this course teach you the necessary skills to get 2019 started, but it will also help with end of the year brain fatigue, skills in dealing with the end of the year stress, deadlines and burn out, plus more.

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