It’s that time of year again, and I, for one, am greatly looking forward to having a look at what will be on the runway for the AW19 collections from some of our top designers at SA Fashion Week.

Celebrating 21 years this year – SA Fashion Week (or SAFW as it is known) is the biggest platform in South Africa that markets and promotes designers throughout Africa and is known as the authoritative voice on the business of fashion. The dates to diarise are 23 – 27 Octoer 2018.

SAFW AW19, will be showcasing an incredible 56 designers and the highlight of this celebration year will be the ’21 YEARS OF FASHION’ book and also an exhibition taking us on a magical journey through the evolution of fashion design in South Africa, spotlighting the best fashion moments the country has to offer.

In celebration of its official coming of age, South African Fashion Week (SAFW) Autumn/Winter 2019’s schedule is taking on a particularly festive tone as it looks back over 21 years of fostering the development of a vigorous local designer culture.

There will also be an exhibition and Trade Show that will feature 71 garments harking back to 1997, revisiting the development and growth of an indigenous fashion design culture. In addition to this eclectic Fashion Exhibition, SAFW has published a picture book capturing the journey of SA’s dynamic fashion evolution.

As usual there is loads on the go – a new talent search element, competitions for up and coming designers as well as the SA Fashion Week student competition which will see 32 students from fashion institutions gaining their very first contact with the media, consumers and buyers. Spotlighting the designers at such an early stage of their career gives SAFW the opportunity to nurture the talent we have, making sure that they stay connected.

There are also a whole host of other collaborations and collections – and all of the info is available on the SAFW website – listed at the end of this article.

Tickets are available to purchase for almost all the shows, and may I suggest doing that soon as they sell out very quickly once the week has started and social media goes crazy!

Tickets range between roughly R 100 and R 175 per show and SAFW will once again be hosted at Sandton City.

Tickets and show info here…

Images and information taken from SA Fashion Week website.

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