I just had to share this – Della is a gorgeous collection of custom-made earrings, necklaces and ring for today’s modern woman, and I am so excited to get a few of these pieces in to my collection.

The creator of Della is Pippa de Charmoy who launched the brand in December 2017 and named the brand after after her daughters Ella and Demi!

The Della collection is made up of limited edition pieces. Think classic lines, quality semi-precious stones and fine craftsmanship that all ensure that each piece is distinctive and utterly unique. The utmost care is taken with each item; from the selection of the raw materials through to the satin drawstring bag and sturdy box that it is delivered in, making each order a delight to unwrap.

Says Pippa “My designs are all inspired by my love of fashion and beautiful semi-precious stones, and a strong desire to marry these two together. Della was created to fulfill my passion for high quality pieces at more affordable prices, which are inspired by practicality, and at the same time offer a stylish take on modern jewellery.”

Pippa is always looking out for new ideas and inspiration. “Plastic chic is on trend at the moment but being environmentally conscious we are using genuine Celluloid, which is derived from biodegradable plant cellulose and camphor, to emulate plastic. Ultra-thin layering, a celebration of the different faces of the animal kingdom, and shells are going to feature this coming season.”

Prices start at around R 800 for a pair of earrings, and items are delivered directly to your door, packaged in the statement Della style.

You can shop safely and securely at the online store www.della.co.za

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