Yes! Spring time is bubbly time! (Actually any time is bubbly time in my world!) but I am excited to share about the new kid on the block – say hello to Grace Du Roi sparkling wine and MCC.

Using grapes chosen for their balance of sweetness and acidity and harvested at night to maintain their freshness, Grace du Roi sparkling wines offer a lively bubble, and a refreshing green apple and pear character, while the Rose variants offer a hint of raspberry and cream.

Naturally cold-fermented, the clean, delicate character of the sparkling wines is gently fruity as a result of their Chenin Blanc base and the use of the cuvee (first press) of the grapes. The wines in the blend are kept separate to allow flavor to develop first before marrying achieving a ‘state of Grace’: lighter, more delicate flavours.

The Grace du Roi MCC (Methode Cap Classique) is made according to the French-influenced wine-making method where, like Champagne, the liquid spends at least 9 months developing flavour in the bottle.

Made from Chardonnay grapes, the low yields from the dry winelands surrounding Paarl are hugely flavoursome. The grapes are harvested while still firm on the branch and fermented with only the slightest contact with French oak to create a beautifully-structured, elegant wine.

Pricing: Sparkling Wine – R95 per bottle and MCC – R140 per bottle.

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