The jury is out on IV Drips, and although I have met with some negativity on social media around the advent of IV Drips and my use of them, the general consensus from most of my followers is that the results speak for themselves, and on this one I have to agree.

This drip bar is based in Johannesburg, but also offer a mobile service which will come to your home or office – which I absolutely love. Their nurses are friendly and the entire experience takes only about 20 minutes. My colleagues have long gotten used to me at my desk with a nurse and an IV stand in attendance, and after only 2 treatments I have felt a vast difference in not only my energy levels, but my mental outlook as well.

My lifestyle is hectic, and my hours are long. Although one does ones best to eat as healthily as you can, drink your two litres of water a day, and get as much rest as you can – we all know how that works, or not.

I had my first drip at the beginning of July. I was flatter than a pancake that had been dropped on the floor and stood on. I was exhausted daily, getting out of bed was a supreme struggle every morning, and by 4pm I could barely keep my eyes open.

Was there a huge difference after the first one? No. In fact, I was even more exhausted, but Dr. Cajee (who owns and runs Vitafuzion South Africa) warned me this would be the case. Vitafuzion works differently to other drips, the process being a slow build up to greatness, as opposed to a quick flash in the pan of energy followed by a massive slump.

So, I slept through it, and 10 days later had my second drip – within two days of that my energy has been up since and I am certainly managing to keep the pace, although some mornings getting out of bed is still a struggle, but as we all know – Rome was not built in a day.

There is a good reason that many celebs and high profile personalities swear by these drips, and that is clear to see now.

Okay – so what is it all about I hear you asking? Good.

Vitafuzion offers a range of Drips for specific outcomes – Full Throttle is the one that I had and is literally a kick in the pants of everything from A-Z. It includes your standard Myers Cocktail – which is Vitamin B high and boosts energy, mixed with high does of Glutathione – all about the energy, baby.

Luminance is an antiaging drip focussed on skin brightening and the Lux offers similar benefits, but with a lower dose of Vitamin C. You can also have the Myers Cocktail on it’s own.


This is not cheap, let’s be honest, however the benefits for me far outweigh the costs, and the fact that I do not even have to leave my desk and am still able to work while the drip is being administered, meaning no time wasted driving and sitting in waiting rooms, makes it well worth it.

Your Full Throttle goes for R 1500 and the Myers on it’s own R 799.

Medical questions?

Yes one completes a medical assessment prior to your first drip – I did mine online and then answered questions with the nurse (Yolande) before anything was administered. Although medical history is checked, the IV drips are all natural, so there would be no harmful side effects to having one, even if your vitamin and energy levels were 100% perfect. The body is very good at sorting out if there is an excess of anything in it, and excretes what is needed, so even if you ate an entire tub of Vitamin C tablets, your body would take what it was short of and excrete the rest. Same here.

Side effects

That said you are taking high doses of vitamins, so what can  you expect during your drip? I hate needles, so of course looked away and tried not to faint, but Yolande was really deft with the needle and distracted me with small talk, so I only felt the smallest prick as the needle was inserted.

The contents of the bag leave a rather cold feeling in your hand and arm as they first start flowing in to the body, and the coldness can run up your arm a bit. Totally natural. Some people may experience a bit of a ‘head rush’ as the high doses of vitamins are accepted in to the body.

Other than that I did not experience anything untoward and after Yolande had removed the needle and left me with a plaster on my hand, I went on with my daily business.

No down time, no weird feelings. Just got on with my life. As I mentioned earlier I did not have a massive kick, in fact felt even more tired for a few days afterwards, but the second administration was just the ticket and it is now one month later and I am still going like a boeing. I have not changed anything in my lifestyle and even undertook a trip out of the country at short notice which was pretty stressful in itself and managed that with aplomb.

The verdict

Worth every penny. I will certainly be using these on a regular basis, but let’s be honest – nothing is ever a replacement for healthy eating, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, sleeping 8 hours a night etc. You get the idea.

This is a supplement to assist, and I still take my Vitamins every day, try to get as much exercise as I can, watch my carbs etc.

An addition to my lifestyle, but not a crutch. I would highly recommend chatting to Dr. Cajee and finding out more – you can also visit their website below to get more info. I am a Vitafuzion fan, and you may see some photos of me hooked up to a drip around on social media. It’s a good habit to have 😉

Find out more on their website here…

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