New movie heads our way, and American Animals is an extraordinary and thrilling film about two varsity buddies, Warren Lipka (Evan Peters) and Spencer Reinhard (Barry Koeghan) who – desperate to break out of the ordinary – brazenly attempts to execute one of the most audacious art heists in US history at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, in 2004.

Enlisting two more friends, budding accountant Eric Borsuk (Jared Abrahamson) and fitness fanatic, Chas Allen (Blake Jenner), the gang plots to steal valuable art books valued at $10-million… a scheme which eventually goes bust and ends in jail time for all involved, placing their seemingly bright futures in limbo!

This captivating true story, which will keep you on the edge of your seat, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2018. British-born director and scriptwriter, Bart Layton (who also makes his debut as narrative feature director), cleverly elevates the story to bold and thrilling heights by combining the dramatic narrative of the daytime heist with documentary style post-prison testimonials from the real criminals who organised it. It becomes clear that not everything is as it seems, as the daring theft unfolds through each of their perspectives.

Although parts of the film will remind you of scenes from an Ocean’s movie, you will immediately realise that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

American Animals promises to take audiences on an exhilarating adventure that intentionally blurs the lines between fantasy and reality to provide some insight into the minds of the youngsters, whose pursuit of a more exciting existence, changes their lives forever. It is a film that will leave you with mixed emotions about whether the punishment suited the crime and if the so-called meaningful life experience was worth the price it came at. 

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