One of South Africa’s most innovative lifestyle and social markets, The Box Shop is paying homage to the efforts, bravery and patriotism personified by the South African youth of 1976 by observing their efforts which propelled and shaped the youth of today to be creators of culture with a Youth Day Market. The market will do this by choosing to invest on enterprising youth in the creative and hospitality sectors.

According to Sifiso Moyo founding director of The Box Shop June 16 Food Market, the evolution of public markets, in South Africa, contributes positively to the country’s image. Such a phenomenon plays an important role in stimulating the culture of travel, from a domestic perspective. These markets are now perceived and understood in the context of the long urban tradition across South Africa.

More so, we are ecstatic to announce a new partnership between The Box Shop and American Express in South Africa. The event will be dubbed ‘The Box Shop June 16 Food Market backed by American Express’ and is due to take place on Saturday, 16 June 2018 at The Box shop in Vilakazi Street, Soweto.

Privesan Naidoo, the business lead in driving diverse and relevant American Express merchant partnerships across South Africa says that such occasions have fashioned an innovative cultural currency that values authenticity, share-ability and recognition. This further speaks to the fact that South Africa’s energetic markets epitomize openness as they make the country a better, richer and more sociable place that appeals to domestic and global tourists.

The event will feature around 20 millennium and cultural food dishes, inspired by South African cultural traditions and stories. The market will feature gourmet chefs, local restaurants, as well as final year students who are studying hospitality from University of Johannesburg, Central Johannesburg College and the hotel school.

The day will be filled with live music and performances from local hip-hop and soul music artist, deejays, dances, poetry, pop-up gallery, mural paintings of Nelson Mandela and art installations. Vilakazi Street comes alive as it transforms into an epitome of youth culture hustle, echoing the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of youth on the move and entrance is FREE.

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