If you know me well enough you will know how much I love to eat sushi. In fact it is my favourite food group…(fish, rice and vegetables – that’s a food group!) 😉 so you can imagine how excited I am that 18th June of International Sushi Day!

You can get your sushi fix at some of Montecasino’s sushi restaurants and enjoy  some amazingly delicious taste combinations – and it’s healthy too!

Sushi originated hundreds of years ago when Southeast Asians first developed the concept by wrapping fish in fermenting rice to preserve it. The dish spread to southern China and then Japan in about the 8th century and evolved into the myriad delectable treats relished today. International Sushi Day has been celebrated since 2009 to encourage the eating and enjoying of more sushi around the world.

Ocean Basket is offering free sushi fingers for tasting and a 28-piece sharing Mikoto Platter comprising most of the restaurant’s sushi options – for R385.

The YuMe Sushi Bar has a fantastic buy-one-get-one-free deal on for the day

3SIXTY Liquid Lounge has created special sushi platters to mark the event

The Latin American fusion restaurant concept, Lima Tapas Bar, is offering 50% off sushi

Fireroom has extended the celebration all the way from 18 to 21 June with an ‘all you can eat’ at lunchtime offer from the traditional sushi menu for only R180.

Find out more here – and see you on the 18th of June!

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