The team from Samsung are always innovating – as you know I am mad about my S9 phone, so when they recently sent me some cool (albeit useless tips) on TV watching around the world, I just had to share. Listen, this may come in handy for your next trivial pursuit game, okay!?

Soapies or Doccies?

A recent Samsung survey found that it isn’t reality TV or soaps that make us most likely to tune in, but documentaries, with 41% claiming it is their favourite TV genre.

Most watched show of 2017?

Based on the above, it is probably no surprise that Blue Planet II is currently the most watched show of 2017, peaking with 14.1 million viewers.

Most viewers to ever watch…

In Australia, the iconic State of the Origin rugby match between Queensland and New South Wales drew in the most viewers of 2017 to date with 4.1 million people3.

Whilst in China, it’s an internet-based “rap reality” show pulling in the viewers. The Rap of China showcase young and feisty contestants hoping for their big break into the world of hip hop, with more than 2.5 billion views to date4

Back in the UK, Only Fools & Horses was voted the most popular sitcom of all time in Samsung’s poll.

Best reality show?

Strictly Come Dancing beat off some stiff competition when it came to the best reality or talent show.

Highest paid TV presenter?

When it comes to those in front of the camera, the USA is home to some of the best paid stars of television. According to Forbes, Dr Phil is currently the highest paid presenter in the world earning a reported $79 million (R1, 1 billion).

Sofia Vergara is reportedly the highest paid television actress at $41.5 million (R582.2 million).

Kim Kardashian’s business empire means she is the highest paid reality star with a reported fortune of $51 million (R715.5 million).

Most expensive series to shoot?

Behind the camera, Netflix hit The Crown is the most expensive of all time, costing $130 million (R1.8 billion) to produce.

Most popular streaming service?

This survey also showed that Netflix was by far the most popular streaming service in the country, with 84.85% of users signed up for a Netflix package.

Of those in this survey who did not subscribe to a streaming service, their primary reasons were: All my media needs are taken care of thanks to piracy (dodgy!!!) – 42.27%; I can’t afford it – 38.08%; and my internet connection at home is too slow – 37.53%.

Most watched ever series finale?

American TV show M*A*S*H takes the crown for the most-watched episode ever, with 103 million viewers tuning in for the final ever installment.

Most binge watched show ever?

Game of Thrones was voted in the survey as being the most-bingeable show of all and ALSO hit the top spot when it came to the most hotly anticipated TV show return. Obviously! 🙂 

TV Trivia…

Size matters; Samsung research shows that 40 inches was the average TV screen size globally in 2016.

25% of TVs sold in 2016 had a 50-inch screen of which 90% claim they would like a screen which is 60 inches big!

To date, Samsung has sold 427 million televisions around the world. Which all makes for a lot of telly watching! Approximately eight years in our life time!

Find out more about Samsung and their appliances here…

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