I have the coolest friends, who do the coolest things, and one of these is Francois Louw. Francois is passionate about the beauty industry and how it can help people enhance their image and confidence. He is a regular guest consultant on SABC1, SABC3, ETV- ENCA, VUZU – V-Entertainment and the SABC Afrikaans radio station RSG, Jacaranda, PowerFM and SAFM.

Francois’ natural flair for beauty and open, friendly personality allows him to connect with audiences, offering guidelines on how to improve women’s looks, whilst accentuating their assets. In addition he gives women the confidence about their femininity and their role as women in today’s society.

I caught up with Francois to find out how I can look after my hair more in winter, as it (and my skin) tend to get very dry in Joburg’s chilly winters!

Here are some tips will help avoid dull looking hair in the coming winter months…

Why does my hair get so out of hand in winter?

In the winter months hair tends to lose its silky nature and is not at all willing to submit to our styling efforts.

The cause is the low moisture contents of cool outside air and heated inside air. If you wear a hat or a beanie to keep warm, the material will rub against the hair fibres and in the process create static electricity. As a result, hair will look dull and resist all attempts at styling. Heat and chafing interfere with the natural structure of the hair. This damages the hair cuticles, which in turn leads to brittle, dull-looking hair.

What can I use to try and keep my hair as fresh looking as possible in winter?

Rich conditioning treatments with oil extracts prevent the damage and make damaged hair cuticles smoother. Simply add a few drops of hair oil to your shampoo or work the oil through the ends of your still damp hair. This will keep hair supple and shiny.

What can I do if my hair gets static and my style doesn’t stay in?

Fly-away hair is arguably the most annoying factor of winter hair. It is caused by heated interior air and the contact of hair fibres with other fibres such as the fabric fibres of hats, headbands, and clothing. The movement of these fibres against hair produces static electricity, which makes hair stand on end.

There are great styling products which help to prevent fly-away hair. Among them are styling mousse, extra-gloss wax, and hair oil.

The lack of moisture also results in a dry scalp. The scalp will produce less sebum, which may lead to a dry scalp. Use shampoo for dry hair.

Use a volumizing spray before you blow-dry your hair while hanging your head upside down. Carry a strong hold hair spray with you to refresh your hairstyle after taking off your hat or scarf.

How often should I be washing my hair?

Avoid frequent hair washes. Over washing your hair will strip it of its natural oils, which you especially need in the colder months. Try to extend the period between your washes as much as possible. Please remember to use conditioner each time! If needed, it’s always better to rinse your hair with conditioner only, skipping the shampoo altogether.

Never leave your home with wet hair! Not only does it portray your laziness to co-workers and family, but leaving your hair wet in colder weather conditions can have a very bad effect on the condition of your hair. Although this may be a regular thing in the warmer months, exposing wet hair to cold temperatures may freeze it and damage it, eventually causing breakage.

In general, it is a great idea to protect your hair from the weather by tucking it underneath your scarf or a hat. The less exposure to weather elements, the better.

What can I do revitalise shine and condition?

Fight dull hair! With the dry and cold conditions, your hair can start looking a little dull. One tip is to use products for colour treated hair to revitalize your hair and shine.

Avoid products containing silicone and sulphates. Use conditioning masks. Instead of using a straightening iron rather blow dry your hair in the winter. As you know, your hair does get exposed to the weather conditions quite a lot – and it only makes sense to pay special attention to it by keeping it nourished, protected and moisturized.

Regular trims are a great way to keep your hair in good health during the winter months as well — every 4 to 6 weeks, just cut the ends to help reduce the chance of dry, splitting ends.

Whats your secret weapon?

One unexpected secret to keep your hair looking good during the winter is to invest in a humidifier. I know you’re thinking that humidity equals frizzy hair, but when you have the heat on, the air in your apartment becomes very dry and I find the humidifier helps stop your hair and skin from feeling dry.

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