The growth and transformation of Sun International’s Time Square in Menlyn has been an interesting one to watch, and I can barely believe that it was a year ago that I was standing on a rooftop overlooking the excavations for the foundations of what is now the biggest entertainment complex in South Africa.

The latest and final addition to the casino complex is The Maslow at Time Square, which offers an entirely new concept in hospitality. A first for South Africa, this 238-room specialist business hotel, offers multi-level accommodation options – from standard to premium – all under one roof. The 17-storey hotel is packed with state-of-the-art facilities and technology that will delight and satisfy every business executive.

The concept for the hotel is inspired by the psychologist Abraham Maslow and his well-known hierarchy of needs. From the outset, the team at the hotel has applied Maslow’s straight forward approach to understanding customers’ needs in its service philosophy, to deliver an absolutely seamless experience from check-in to check-out, and between work and play.

The Foundation Level, offering a full range of amenities that exceed basic accommodation needs, is designed to deliver good quality service, design and physical attributes to meet guest expectations.

The Median Level offers a deluxe experience, with a wider range of facilities and superior design qualities that meet the needs of discerning guests. On the Median Level, guests have access to a well equipped, modern gym, The Maslow Hotel pool and a conference centre.

The Zenith Level offers an exceptional range of facilities and premier services that are not only comprehensive, but also highly presonalised, prudently crafted to provide the most exclusive experience. At the pinnacle of the high rise hotel, the Zenith Level features butler service, a fully stocked mini bar, the Luminary Lounge, the Solis Bar and infinity pool, and conferencing facilities.

The hotel provides an environment where guests have everything they need – facilities, technology and intelligence – at their fingertips. This is where guests live comfortably, can facilitate business, and enjoy premium leisure facilities to ensure relaxation.

Dining at The Maslow Time Square is uncomplicated, relaxing and above all else, delicious. The hotel’s Tatso, which means “taste” in Sesotho, is where guests can enjoy a generous buffet featuring a diverse selection of dishes influenced by different cuisines. The hotel’s Lounge Bar offers a fusion of cosmopolitan energy and feel-good cuisine.

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