I literally have been on the edge of my seat with nerves, as the last few episodes of Tropika Island of Treasure have unravelled over the last couple of weeks – and last nights finale was no exception!

Brendan Peyper and Lisanne Lazarus (#TeamRed) came out victorious in the final challenge, making them the winners of #TIOT8 and that coveted R 1 million prize, however they fought hard to beat Nay Maps and Rudi Witkowsky (#TeamYellow) for the title of #TIOT8 champions!!

Following a series of Slenda Twists throughout #TIOT8, 22-year-old Lazarus was chosen by 21-year-old Peyper to be his teammate on #TeamRed. It became evident by most celebs and contestants very early on in the season that #TeamRed would be a team to watch out for, with many teams noting them as their biggest threat to the R1 million. And they were right.

Lazarus and Peyper proved to be a force to be reckoned with, and no one is more thrilled with the outcome than Lazarus. “When I found out I was going to be on the show, I obviously wanted to win but I didn’t expect it – only because I didn’t know who my competition would be and I didn’t know at the time who I’d be paired up with. In all honesty, I was just excited to go to the Maldives. After being paired with Brendan and looking at the other teams’ weightings, I felt very confident because I knew Brendan and I would complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses very well,” says Lazarus.

Peyper is just as grateful for the team mate he found in Lazarus. “I truly had an incredible partner. We remained calm even though things sometimes went south, and we ensured that we kept the faith with God on our side – this was the most important aspect for us.”

Peyper notes that he never expected to win, but that he always had a vison with what he’d do with the money. “I told myself that if it’s God’s will for me to win I’d never waste the money, but invest where it is needed.”

Lazarus, who is graduating with a Cum Laude and Deans Merit in Broadcast Journalism and is currently the Digital Producer for East Coast Radio’s breakfast show, will use the majority of her share of the prize money to invest in property – and treat herself to a shopping spree.

Peyper, who was recently revealed as the lead to portray Buddy in the brand-new musical, BUDDY – The Buddy Holly Story, will use his share of the prize money to purchase his first farm/property.

Katlego Maboe was the ever charismatic and entertaining host for #TIOT8.

Find out more about Tropika and the contest HERE…

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