For those who have seen Werner Bekker live in concert, they will certainly agree – this young musician is undoubtedly one of the country’s best songwriters.

A storyteller at heart, Werner’s powerful folk ballads, with their profoundly poetic lyrics, are a reminder of true artistry in an era saturated by overproduced, digitally manipulated Cheez Whiz.

Shy and timid in demeanour, the singer is not to be underestimated. Werner Bekker prefers to let his music speak for itself. Ever since he can remember, the youngster has been obsessed with music. In fact, according to his parents – he could sing before he could speak.

Also a familiar face on the live performance scene, Werner has been perfecting his art over many years. With a large repertoire of self-penned songs, he finally felt it was right time to release a single to the mass market, hoping to reach a broader audience.

He says, “It’s always a bit of a balancing act when writing music to add a bit of contemporary flavour but keep to what you love. I feel that the people I worked with on this song really understood what I was going for and so I really like the end result of the song.”

Alive Again was born from relationships woes – a newly found love after a hearty break-up, which at the time Werner thought was going to change his life, only to realise the feeling was short-lived.

Werner explains, “Alive again is about that cliché feeling everyone gets when they have been in a bad relationship and get caught up in the throes of young love. Pretty corny but it’s real and everyone feels that way at one time or another.”

Find out more about Werner HERE or tune in to my podcast on Tuesday 20th March at 10h00 for an exclusive one on one interview with Werner.

Watch the video here…

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