It’s been all of two weeks, and I can quite honestly say that my life has been changed irrevocably! No, I have not finally found a man – but I have found the next big thing in my life – my Samsung Galaxy S9. Yup, a phone.

Okay, so my life is filled with taking photos of things. Celebs, food, myself, the view, myself…again and to be honest, no camera I have ever owned – on a phone, or a digital camera, has quite gotten it ALL right – ALL of the time!

Mr Perfect – well, yes just maybe! Imagine my excitement at getting to get my paws on one of 40 of the first Samsung Galaxy S9’s to hit South Africa!

Their byline – “The Camera, re-imagined” had me intrigued, and as I spent an evening learning even more about this latest addition to the stable via a live stream event from Spain, my jaw was literally scraping the floor – advances in technology – that make my job as a blogger even easier? I am IN!

So lets “unpack it” shall we..

The AR Emoji (or as I have nicknamed it – my “me”mojji)

Samsung has introduced the AR Emoji, which for the first time allows users to create a highly accurate computer-generated image of themselves (avatars) that can literally express an emotion, such as winks, laughter, anger, etc.

So literally picture me – laughing, or crying at you. Right? She even takes a selfie and gives you the thumbs up. So, basically you take a picture of yourself, and then you can choose things like your hair length, colour, outfit and so forth and voila – you have a replica of yourself doing cool stuff. Worst part about it – everyone I have dinner with takes my phone away for like 10 minutes to create their own AR Emoji.

Here we are…


Dual Aperture Camera

To be honest I don’t really know this works technically, but your pictures are clearer and the camera lens literally works like a normal camera lens, getting bigger or smaller depending on the light/darkness of your surroundings – to basically give you the best picture ever.

This is the first picture I ever took on this phone, a selfie at 22h00 on my balcony…if you aren’t impressed yet? Oh, read on then..

Battery Power

Beyond critical in my world. This literally last me from 05h00 – 20h30 without a charge – and I am hard on my phone. I Tweet, Instagram and Facebook relentlessly – it’s actually pretty impressive. The phone. Not me…

Plus it charges in like an hour, so put your feet up, grab a coffee and you’ll be good to go.

Finger print recognition

Not new, I know – however the fact that instead of standing like “Little Jack Horner” with your finger on your phone trying to unlock it – the finger sensor is now on the back of the phone, just below the camera.

Subtlety unlocking your phone in business meetings…thine name is Heather 😉

Okay – so if you were wondering – this baby hits stores this Friday 16th of March and retails for R 17 995. I may not know much about tech, but I do know when photos are great, trust me!

Check it out online…

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