This…this…this is life! I am done. Enter stage left the solution to all my (and your) events worries – Little Borrowed Dress!

So, in a nutshell, Little Borrowed Dress is an online platform that not only allows you to borrow fashionable items from fellow boss ladies, but, also lets you be an entrepreneur in your own right by lending out your fashionable investments to ladies looking to expand their wardrobe selection without the commitment.

Little Borrowed Dress is for the girl that does not have enough space in her wardrobe for all the stylish pieces her heart desires.

It is for the lady that may not be sure about fully committing to the little black number in the shop window. It is for the woman who has invested in fashionable outfits, and wants to empower women by sharing these pieces, but most importantly, it is for the Boss Lady who wants to empower herself.

There are 2 options on Little Borrowed Dress.

1. Be a Boss lady

2. Be a Borrower

Becoming a Boss Lady – log on to their website, set up your profile, pay a small fee, enter outfit details and voila, get paid!

Becoming a Borrower – log on to their website, call your boss lady, borrow, wear, slay, dry clean and return..

It’s amazing, revolutionary and cost effective – whats not to love?

All your deets HERE…

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