Cell C have just announced the date for their 16th annual Take a Girl Child to Work Day® which is Thursday 24th May 2018.

Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work Day® has become one of the most important, life changing days for schoolgirls around the country. The much-lauded initiative has had a powerful impact on the lives of more than a million girls, preparing a core of future women leaders who will be vibrant contributors to the economy and leading job creators for our country.

Says Suzette van der Merwe, Cell C Managing Executive: Corporate Social Investment:  “The development and empowerment of young women is at the heart of Cell C’s corporate structure and corporate social investment initiatives.”

She adds “Annually, Take a Girl Child to Work Day® sparks the debate on the role of socio-economic development and the promotion of gender equality. Gender equality is the process of allocating resources, programmes and decision-making fairly to both men and women and is achieved when both enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, including economic participation, and their aspirations, needs and behaviours are equally valued and favoured.”

The vision of Africa 2063 is a continent with full gender parity, with women occupying the centre stage in all sectors relevant to the economy and it provides for 50 percent women representation in decision making by 2020. The successful implementation of this strategic framework will go a long way in breaking the economic and political glass ceiling that restricts women’s progress and integration into the economic mainstream.

Says Miss South Africa 2017 Dr Ade van Heerden: “I am proud to be a spokesperson for an initiative which has made a tangible difference and proves that just one day can be a catalyst to change the course of a girl’s life. Together we call on all communities, industries and government to invest in the success of young women. Help our girl children step out of the shadows, into the spotlight and become the best people they can be.”

Get yourself registered to participate!

Registration for the 2018 Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day® opens on March 15 via www.cellcgirlchild.co.za

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