Relationships are complex, make no mistake. And like every facet of our life, they require work and attention, love and nurturing, to flourish and grow. When our relationships flourish so do we – I know from my own personal experience that when I am in a relationship and I feel loved and things are in balance – I excel in all other areas of my life like a woman on a mission, and when it isn’t, I don’t.

To be honest I have been single for so very long, but am at a point now where I am looking for a relationship, but one that nourishes and nurtures me, and provides me with the very best that I deserve, and that is why I recently spent some time with intimacy and relationship coach Tracy Ziman Jacobs. Tracy is bubbly and fun, and her personality, as well as her way of tackling what can possibly be an awkward topic, makes her immediately likable.

Bonus – she also uses her very own life lessons to help others through their relationships, which I really liked. How can one instruct unless one has actually gone through it, right?

We all go through bumps and wobbles in the road, some are worse than others – some bring us down, and others we can manage – but it is a well known fact that the most successful people are those that deal with it and come out on top, with a clear idea of their next move.

Tracy Ziman Jacobs is that person, who discovered after her divorce in 2011 that no relationship is perfect. However, instead of allowing the divorce to derail her life, she used it for good, knowing that her learnings could help other people.

She qualified as an Intimacy Coach through Intimacy Coaching SA (ICSA) in 2016, but her drive to help others didn’t start then. Her coaching is backed up by a BA in Social Sciences (1996, UNISA), as well as practical training with the Family Life Centre (FAMSA).

This training led her to counsel both individuals and couples, as well as perform Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Trauma Counselling, Divorce Mediation, Pre-marriage Counselling and Employee Assistance Programmes. Once her training was complete, Tracy was hired by FAMSA as an Occupational Social Worker, enabling her to assist others further in their relationship and life journeys.

Tracy’s drive says it all. Her divorce in 2011 led to some serious soul-searching, where she knew she could let it consume her, or deal with it and come out stronger. Stronger she is – and she feels an urge to assist her clients in reaching that same strength and pertinacity.

Professionalism is top of mind for Tracy. She treats every client with the utmost respect, and knows how important it is for them to feel at ease and nurtured during their sessions. Her workshops promote a sense of enthusiasm and inspiration for both men and women. The workshops assist clients in realising that there are many others experiencing similar challenges, which ensures a community-type environment and a feeling of support.

Tracy’s determination to heal her clients’ relationships can only lead to good.Her end goal: to rekindle the passion in her clients’ love lives, helping them to “find each other”again. Working with men and women, gay and straight, Tracy acknowledges that hard work is key to ensuring this goal is met – by both her and her clients.

And it’s something she doesn’t shy away from, knowing that with tenacity, her clients’ current intimacy levels can be increased exponentially.

Tracy’s services include Individual and/or Couple Coaching, Workshops for Women, Workshops for Men, ‘No-book’ Book-clubs, Guest Speakers and Gay/Lesbian Workshops.

Even as a single person it felt pretty good to speak about my past relationships, and start putting some plans in place to get myself ready for what I would like to attract in to my life – after all if you are not ready for the right person, how on earth do you plan on attracting him?

Session with Tracy are held at her rooms in Bryanston, which are comfortable and homey – and they are also affordable, and Tracy will happily set up a package that will work well for your needs, and within your lifestyle.

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