Well known American Express® have been operating in South Africa for over 40 years, providing payment, travel and expense management solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes in South Africa.

The global services company, of which Nedbank is the exclusive partner in South Africa, helps American Express Card members realise their dreams and aspirations through access to unique experiences, business-building insights, and industry-leading benefits while offering payment solutions to the South African commercial market.

Chris Wood, Nedbank’s Head of Card Issuing and Payments says, “Drawing from its global infrastructure and local partners, American Express offers a range of rewards and benefits and the highest level of service attuned to the needs of consumers seeking a richer experience filtered to suit their tastes and interests. For example, the American Express Card goes even further and gives access to exclusive events in the worlds of music, film and sport including hard-to-find tickets for must-see shows, and pre-sale events.”

Like consumers who appreciate the curated range of benefits to make their world more special which American Express offers, merchants are recognising the incremental value associated with the leading premium brand. There are no rental fees, administration fees or minimum service fees charged to merchants which form part of the American Express global network.

In addition, Amex continues to grow its reach in the South African market with more than 100 000 merchants now accepting American Express Cards making it easier, safer and more rewarding for consumers and businesses to purchase the things they need and for merchants to sell their goods and services.

“Our Cardmembers are rewarded for their loyalty to our merchants by providing them with benefits that suit their needs. Likewise, merchants who welcome the American Express Card benefit from access to our Cardmembers who are high spending and exceptionally loyal – and in many cases, they actively seek to purchase from merchants that accept American Express,” says Wood.

For big or small enterprises, Amex provides a differentiated offering that proactively manages travel, entertainment, procurement and everyday business payments. A key example is unique reconciliation tool called BTA (Business Travel Account) Powerlink which supports travel management companies and corporates in managing expenses, and ultimately easing the pain in doing reconciliation and administration.

Find out more, and what you can do with Amex here…

I chat to Chris Wood on my podcast show on Niche Radio – Tuesday 12th December at 10h00 – the podcast remains up afterwards. Check in here…

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