Being blonde can be a curse and a blessing all at once. I got so tired of my mousy brown hair at 14, I told my mom I am going to be a blonde. She laughed. My friend I clubbed our pocket money together and bought the latest hair lightening spray and duly sprayed and sat in the sun for the bulk of the school holidays. She stayed dark and I turned orange. My hair has been pretty much a love and hate relationship since then. 

In September I was lucky enough to meet David Gillson, hair guru to the stars. This man looks after the locks of ladies like Jen Su, Tamara Dey and loads more. Of course I wanted to find out more about how blondes like me, look after our “blondeness” especially in the summer months when life is all sun, sea, sand and pool.

For blondes like me, how do you suggest protecting our hair over the summer period, swimming, sun etc?

Blonde hair needs extra care during the harsh summer weather. Always start with a good shampoo and conditioner like Davines naturltech keratin nourishing shampoo and conditioner, then an oil like Davines Oi oil adds extra hydration can be used daily. The Davines Silver Alchemic Shampoo and conditioner removes brassy tones from sun bleached hair.

And for darker hair colours and other hair types?

The same applies for dark hair but you can use the Davines Alchemic chocolate shampoo and conditioner. Very curly and frizzy hair needs extreme hydration so use Davines Momo shampoo, conditioner and hydrating potion.

What is your “must have go-to” in your bag hair care product for the summer season?

Davines oil and beautifying spray are my summer must haves, for sure. They should be in every beach bag!

If you are on the beach all day – what product can you put on to help protect from the salt water?

Davines Momo hydrating potion. For any hair in need of a lightweight hydration boost, this product moisturizes hair without weighing it down. Hair is left soft, nourished and manageable.

Ideally how often should one wash ones hair, on a day to day basis? Every day? Twice a week?

All hair is different some hair types need to be shampooed everyday other hair types only once a week. Generally the finer and straighter the hair the more often it needs to be washed and the thicker, curlier and courser the hair the less often it needs washing.

When one is on the beach, swimming in salt or chlorinated water, you need to wash the hair everyday preferably with a detoxifying shampoo.

David is available to help you take your locks from Z list to A list in one fell swoop. Find out more about booking an appointment with David Gillson at Carlton Hair here..

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