One of my fave jewellery ranges – Nomination – have just turned 30, and celebrated in style with us at Montecasino too!

I love this bracelet as you can personalise it to make it a one of a kind just for you. The idea is that the bracelet is made of composable links, so think clip in clip out and off you go – add pieces, take pieces out – it is ever changing, like your life. Be it a life event like a wedding or a birth, a travel trip, a birthday, there are 1000’s of different links, and each one celebrates a certain milestone of special moment in your life – from birth, right through life, the braaclet grows as you do.

This precious bracelet made of stainless steel and gold, and boasts an ingenious spring mechanism that connects the Links. These iconic, symbolic Charms allow you to create looks that are always new and fresh. And there are thousands of designs and pendants to choose from, in gold, silver, enamel and gemstones.

It’s a jewel that celebrates the Italian drive to create something that’s unique, original, and in continuous evolution – just like life. Add to that the fact that nominations have just released their life style range – necklaces, earrings and rings – you can adorn yourself from head to tow in fabulous style.

Created in the 1980’s by a then ice cream maker, who sold ice creams to Italians from all walks of life – Paulo noticed that only the wealthy wore jewellery, almost as a mark of their station, and got the idea to create beautiful jewellery that could be worn by the middle class too, not expensive, but still beautiful and classy – and Nomination was born. 

Now a world wide highly prized jewellery collection Nomination celebrated it’s 30th birthday in style in South Africa (where it has been available for 10 years) with a star studded (excuse the pun) party at Montecasino’s La Toscana – just last week.

Composable is seen as an icon for style and artisanal craftsmanship, and thanks to Composable’s innovative design, it made Nomination famous worldwide. This isn’t just the history of a piece of jewellery. This is the story of a brilliant intuition transformed into something unique that’s able to express the emotions and personality of the person wearing it.

Find out more on their website here…

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