I am just crazy about the beautiful creations from Angela Yeung, the award-winning South African jewellery designer behind the Impilo Collection. She has just created a limited edition range of Pink Collection in support of the Pink Drive and breast cancer awareness.

Founded in 2005 by award-winning jewellery South African designer Angela Yeung, Impilo specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke jewellery commissions for private clients and contemporary art jewellery collections.

The Impilo Collection is comprised of unique pieces of investment jewellery, incorporating only the highest quality diamonds, pearls, and precious gem stones, set in platinum and gold.

The Impilo Collection brand prides itself on creating jewellery with a deeper message rather than mere fashion accessories. The word “Impilo” means “Life” in Sotho. Yeung infuses symbolism into her work to give the pieces she creates a unique living identity. Every piece of jewellery created for the Implio Collection has a special meaning behind it. The Pink Diamond range is no exception.

The Pink Collection is comprised of a series of finely crafted, investment quality rose gold rings, each set with beautiful pink natural diamonds. The collection was designed in honour of the victims and survivors of breast-cancer. The pink diamonds used in the range not only echo the colouring of the Pink Drive campaign, they also have a special meaning to the designer.

“In my culture, gem stones are known to contain energy with healing power. Pink stones in particular are known to symbolise love and healing. I selected the precious pink diamonds I used as the focal point of the Pink Diamond collection as a symbol of courage and hope for cancer survivors and sufferers alike.” says Angela.

Yeung intends the pieces in the Pink Diamond collection to be passed down as an inheritance from generation to generation of strong women, and to support breast cancer awareness in October, they have generously agreed to donate fifty percent of the profits from sales of the Pink Diamond collection to the Pink Drive’s efforts towards breast cancer awareness and support.

To enquire about the collection or to purchase one of the pieces in honour of a strong woman in your life, visit www.impilocollection.co.za or call Angela on 011 642 3086.

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