Monday 16th of October is World Food Day. Big whoop you may say – but for those who don’t have a meal, it is a pretty big deal indeed. Imagine not eating for 2 or 3 days just because you do not have food, or money to buy food – not such a nice thought, is it?

Herewith my challenge to you. I challenge you to post a picture of your next yummy meal out and simply use the hashtag #ShareAMealSA on Facebook or Twitter and the awesome team from Knorr and FoodForwardSA will give someone a meal.

Yup – easy as that. The campaign is part of a global movement enabling people across the world to help create a brighter future where nutritious food is more accessible on a daily basis.

The campaign is specifically aimed at all South Africans with access to a social media account. “This World Food Day we are appealing to all foodies who would usually post a recipe or appetising food image to turn their food posts from a virtual meal into a real meal by sharing #ShareAMealSA. It’s a chance for everyone to do their bit to help stop hunger,” says Keegan Eichstadt from Knorr.

Knorr is hoping to use their scale to raise mass awareness about the food insecurity problem in South Africa by highlighting the importance of good nutrition and making food accessible to more people. “Sadly one third of food produced in South Africa gets dumped in landfills while over 14 million people go hungry,” states FoodForward SA Managing Director Andy Du Plessis.

To mark the significance and spirit of World Food Day, Knorr and FoodForward SA have an exciting event planned for 16 October 2017 where they will be supplying over 200 nutritious and delicious meals to children at the Pauline Podbrey Foundation in Khayelitsha Cape Town – a beneficiary of FoodForward SA.

The Pauline Podbrey Foundation was established in 2009 and offers after school educational support and sports activities to children from the local community and provides them with a daily meal – sometimes their only meal of the day.

To get involved and make a difference this World Food Day simply #ShareAMealSA and help stop hunger in its tracks one post at a time!

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