Think “Step Up” but with a truly South African twist, Pop Lock ‘n Roll has opened in cinema’s across the country to much excitement and it’s clear to see why.

It’s not often that we launch movies that could compete on the international circuit, and this one can – although peppered with “Safferisms” I have to say I was really impressed with the quality of not only the dancing, but of the production as a whole.

Pop Lock ‘n Roll tells the story of Raps (played by heart throb local actor Maurice Paige) who is an ambitious street style, hip hop dancer from a poor neighborhood who believes that money is everything.

He gets a lucky break and rises as a professional entertainer, but when he falls in love with the beautiful Brazilian wife of the gangster-come-producer who’s making his career, he’ll have to risk career and life to find true happiness.

Pop Lock ’n Roll is a film about finding the strength the dance, always, despite life and its unexpected, and sometimes tragic curve balls. The cast is led by avid dance and Isidingo mainstay, Maurice, and singer-songwriter and actress, Yasirah Bhelz.

The film showcases the tough life faced by performing artists in SA, as well as how easy it is to get involved in the world of gangsters and drugs in Joburg’s underbelly – and the strength it takes to rise above this, and make life better for not only yourself, but those you love.

The film features heart stopping dance feats accompanied by some of South Africa’s best produced dance music mixes and it is set to be a cult favourite for many a South African dance aficionado.

Directed by founder of Joziewood Films, Ziggy Hofmeyr,  the film is also produced by  Hofmeyr and Mayenzeke Baza as well as Pascal Schmitz, who all took big leaps of strength to get this film on to our movie circuit. Making movies is not cheap as we all know, and this is a project of passion for all involved.

Do the right thing – support Proudly South African talent and products, folks! Find out more about the movie here…

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