Yay – more local talent making waves. Relatively new to the music industry, Bonfire Buffalo won’t go unnoticed, thats for sure, guys!

The Witbank-based trio just released their follow-up single, Good In Another Life, an upbeat pop-rock tune that commands the listener’s attention.

Leaving nothing to chance, the band teamed up with producers Greg Carlin and Mike Wright of Zebra & Giraffe fame, taking their already flawless songwriting to new heights. Infused with old school influences and a rich, eclectic and modern production, the song is bound to set fire to the dance floor.

Moreover, they employed the skills of The Hustle’s Shabzi Madallion who added his unique rap verse to the bridge.

Bassist Carl Dedekind says, “I was flicking through the channels and came across The Hustle. I was impressed by Shabzi’s performances and knew we had to get him to rap on the song, so I reached out to him over email. He immediately took interest and within days had responded with a rap verse that fitted perfectly.”

Asked what the song is about, the band explain:

“We don’t necessarily believe that people deserve good things to happen to them. So it’s kind of satirical in the sense that when good things do happen, it’s from being ‘good in another life’, in a manner of speaking. In general, it’s an upbeat song about the good things that happen to a person.”

Formed in 2016, Bonfire Buffalo are fronted by the quirky and elegantly charming, Ivy Ann van Rooyen, with brother Ewoud van Rooyen on guitar, and Carl Dedekind on bass, the tightly knit trio are changing the preconceived ideas of what South African music should sound like. Drawing influences from across the globe – ranging from Pink Floyd to Mumford & Sons – the band choose not to be tied down by genre, defining their sound as eclectic and experimental in nature.

Bonfire Buffalo and its individual members have performed alongside some of SA’s top music acts, including Prime Circle, Evolver One, Fokofpolisiekar and more. Though relatively new to the industry, they have already left a lasting impression on fans across the country.

In 2016, the outfit released their debut single “Back in School”, which was playlisted on various SA campus and commercial stations, followed by their six-track debut EP of the same name. Produced by Greg Carlin (of Zebra & Giraffe fame), the EP immediately captured the attention of industry bigwigs and was featured on the front page of iTunes.

Despite the various challenges artists face in building a sustainable career, Bonfire Buffalo don’t shy away from hard work, proving that a little determination and effort goes a long way. The aim: to write music that’s catchy, fun and at times meaningful. Moreover, they are of the opinion that songwriting must have longevity, surpassing momentary trends.

Find out more about Bonfire Buffalo here

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