It’s my 100th anniversary of my “baby and true love” #HangoutWithHeather podcast – which is hosted on Niche Radio every week – and to celebrate I am giving away loads of goodies – because a celebration is always important!

I have a case of delicious and refreshing Tranquini to give away to one lucky fan. Now you know that I literally live on this stuff – and there is a good reason why…Tranquini keep me calm, and given my rather volatile personality, that is a good thing.

They have a variety of yummy flavours available here in SA with another one heading our way in November.

Why does it work? 

Today, people are facing many challenges, both personally and professionally. As people re-examine their life goals and start to prioritise a positive state of mind, Tranquini is the perfect answer for those who want to reduce stress and live a positive and successful life. It’s yummy, it’s all natural (yes it does contain sugar, in case you were wondering, and I would not suggest drinking these all day every day) however whenever I have needed one I have had one, and the relaxation benefits were well worth it.

Find our more on their website

To stand a chance to WIN a case of Jasper flavoured Tranquini, make sure to answer the question in the comments section below – most creative answer wins….

Tell me why you need to relax – get creative, meme’s, photos, your kids doing crazy stuff, the weirder the better 😉

  • Please note winner will need to collect their prize from my office in Craighall Park on weekdays, so if you live far away, you had better book a plane ticket and make a weekend of it 😉
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Sandika Daya September 18, 2017 at 5:56 pm

Creativity? Hmm…how about my last blog post about the abuse I get from my child? http://sandisplash.blogspot.co.za/2017/09/the-danger-toddling-around-you.html?m=1

kassandra bindeman September 19, 2017 at 7:48 am

My stress starts from the time i wake up to the time i get home.

4.30am waking up to get my baby ready for the day,this is a job on its own. (Shes not a morning person)

6.00 am. Dropping her off at daycare ( Endless rants she wants to go to work with me )

8.00 am . Get to work ( Releasing all the work from the day before & it all happens to be incorrect – Im convinced peoples brains shut off after lunch)

12.00 – Lunch time ( But cannot have my lunch in peace- Eat & work simultaneously )

13.00 More work.

15.30. Finally home time ( One would think id be happy- Think again) Traffic all the way home.

4.30 finally reach home to find a extremely dirty house,I need to get out my french maid outfit and get to working some more.

5pm : Prepare supper.

6pm ; Bathe kids.

6.30 pm : Have supper.

7.00pm : Do homework.

7.30pm : Wash dishes.

8.00pm put the kids to bed.

8.30 finally some piece and quite( Kick off my shoes and relax with a glass of win)

Thats a typical day in my life although hectic i would not trade it for anything however sometimes it does become overly stressful and a good glass of wine or two or three makes it alittle better!

Carey-Anne Kerby September 19, 2017 at 11:34 am

I work as a receptionist, I love my job, but on my some days I just want to #MURDER cause dealing with some of our staff is more trying than running a 100 kid pre school alone. I have to portray an image of calm and friendliness and that is not always possible so this would really assist me in not stringing some of the other sex up by their toes and using them as a boxing bags. So in order for me to say #Pleasant and keep employed please supply me with #Tranquini to make the the Queenie!!

    Heather Hook October 7, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Congrats Carey-Anne – I have sent you an email!!

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