Not much – let’s be honest. You may think that because I have a blog I know everything. I don’t. Not by any stretch of the imagination. That’s the entire point about this blog…I have never professed to be an all knowing, “worship me because I am a God” type of person on a particular subject. I just know what interests me, and therefore I share about it.

I do scary things – scary for me. I have tried fillers, facial peels, flown in a very small helicopter to play the 19th hole at Legends, started doing Bodytec workouts – because I believe in doing things and trying things that make me a better person and expand my knowledge. If you didn’t – you may as well just stay in bed and turn off all outside communications for the rest of your life. Or die, whichever.

Recently a supposedly “well known tech blogger” felt it needed to take a dig at life style bloggers who share about tech, because we have no idea what we are talking about, and if they are, “they must be getting paid.”

Let me halt this train of thought right there – I do get paid. I get paid to run clients social media accounts, this is how I pay my bills. Almost everything that goes on to this personal blog page is me, honestly and truly me. I am blonde, I am almost 40 and no, I do not know everything – but I am sure as sherbet trying to find out – and share it with my readers in a way that is relatable and fun.

Tech and apps and the like scare the living daylights out of me, and having spent some time recently listening to Dion Chang share on the way forward in life as we know it – technology will become a huge part of who we are in the next few years. Because I am not a “tech writer” should I just sit in a corner and not learn about new things that are out there? Um, sorry…no.

So if you see me trying an app – or test driving a piece of equipment or driving a new car or learning something new to my world – go with it, applaud it, or ignore it. Save your acidic anger for someone else.

I do not knock the techie folk – you guys are on a completely different level to me, and I respect you.

But maybe that’s just the problem, you are so “up there” that your average blog reader cannot understand you. So let the life style bloggers give it a whirl, test drive things – there is enough space for us both.And if you want to come and try some food at a dinner with us foodies, all you have to do is ask – it’s not exclusive, you just have to ask…

Best “still trying to keep up with technology” wishes from me to you xxx

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