You may have been watching with some interest as I was, the The Doritos ‘Battle of the Bold’ A vs B campaign. So basically Doritos launched two new flavours “Tomato Sizzler” and “Jalapeño Poppers” in a really engaging and creative way, and got the public involved to choose their favourite to stay on the shelf at the end of the competition!

It all started mysteriously, grabbing consumers attention as Doritos. Standing out on shelf with two competing new flavours, SA consumers were invited to choose either the silver pack marked “A” or the gold pack marked “B”. In an unheard of ‘bold twist’ only one of the flavours A: “Tomato Sizzler” or B: “Jalapeño Poppers”.

Doritos fans were invited to ‘Defend their Flavour’ in a “Battle of the Bold” Social media competition. Fans could complete a variety of challenges each with allocated points. The ‘boldest fan’ could win R20,000. Fans went all out to win points and defend their flavour. Some composed songs, some designed and made Doritos outfits, hosted house parties and one even got a Doritos Tattoo!! 

The level of engagement from the Doritos audience on social media was unprecedented with Doritos fans even inventing their own Bold Challenges, bungee jumping in Soweto, creating nail art, keyrings, necklaces and snowmen in allegiance to their favourite flavour!

The venue for the big reveal in this trend setting campaign was a dark and edgily glamorous boxing gym in Sandton, a suitably gladiatorial setting for the final showdown. Doritos Nacho’s, crumbed sushi and Jalapeño Popper flavoured gourmet Ice Cream was served on arrival, further showing the versatility of Doritos as a tasty corn snack.

After a build up that saw Doritos Brand Manager Wesley Chetty boldly MC’ing the event… and a dance battle between members of World Cup 2010 finale dance crew “Soweto’s Finest” it was up to the Gola Brothers who featured in the A vs B television commercial to step into the ring and battle it out for their ‘team’.

The battle culminated with the two brothers dressed as boxers, showing their boxing moves on a giant Doritos pack “piñata”. Only one side of the piñata opened…. to reveal the winning flavour. And it was “B” that won with a new Doritos flavour “Poppin’ Jalapeño” emerging resplendent in its bright packaging.

To top off a great event, surprised but delighted prize winner Tarryn Laken Petersen who had been flown up from Cape Town for the event, left R20,000 richer thanks to her bold moves throughout this exciting campaign.

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