On Sunday I not only got to join the team from Gaggenau appliances for a fun day of not only polo at The Inanda Africa Cup, but also got to be one of the first to see the brand new reveal of their latest offering – the state of the art CV 282 Flex Induction hob with an integrated ventilation system.

In English? The extractor no longer hangs from the ceiling over the stove, but is instead incorporated in to the actual stove itself, between the plates, where it effectively sucks the smoke straight in to the extractor, instead of allowing it to hang in the air – making everything, including your clothing stink of smoke. I was intrigued of course!

The unit is another first of its kind launch for the astute Gaggenau brand that prides itself, not only on the new technological advances in its industry, but also stays true to the authentic handcrafted inspiration that is Gaggenau – and I honestly cannot fathom why no one thought of this before? 🙂

Gaggenau is not simply an appliance but an experience in itself, and is wholly representative of a sophisticated lifestyle, that synonymous with exclusive culinary culture.

The affiliation between Gaggenau and the highly coveted Inanda Africa Cup Polo Tournament as an associate sponsor is clear to see – both prestigious and upper class events and appliances. They also sponsored the Nigerian polo team, who played with the verve and vigour that you would expect from anyone sporting the Gaggenau name on their backs.

“Polo is a sport with such a rich history, enjoyed internationally, as is the case with the Gaggenau brand. It is this cultural mindset that inspires Gaggenau to particpate in thistournament, the largest polo event on the African continent”, says Enrico Hoffmann, Managing Director at BSH South Africa.

Gaggenau has a history dating back to 1683, and have revolutionised the domestic kitchen with their internationally acclaimed products. Gaggenau appliances ooze prestige and desirability for any aspirational chef or home cook

We were hosted in the VIP Gaggenau lounge and got to enjoy a demonstration using the new CV 282 Flex Induction Hob, by Chef Marthinus Ferreira, owner of award-winning restaurant DW-eleven 13. Ferreira celebrated the launch of the new hob by entertaining esteemed guests with a live cooking demonstration, tantalising their taste buds with pure culinary bliss.

“We immerse ourselves in the culinary world. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau appliances are the soul of the kitchen. The culinary experience is no longer defined in a room or as an object but has become a culture, an element that Gaggenau grasps as a brand”, comments Hoffmann.

Find out more about Gaggenau here

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