You know that whole “what on earth am I going to make for dinner – I haven’t had time to shop and my mom in law arrives in an hour etc etc” Well no more – and for folks like me this is a huge relief, I very rarely have my dinner planning done in time, given my crazy lifestyle, so the new delivary service from Knorr makes me leap for joy, literally!!

Okay, we are all excited – but how does it work?

Hit the Knorr Whats For Dinner website and get some great ideas. I also quite like that the recipes are divided in to categories to give you a start – so like beef, chicken, vegetarian, seafood etc.

So if you have beef mince in the fridge, then you hit the beef tab, and you are at least in the correct section of the website, without wasting precious time searching through recipes that are not going to help you in a hurry.

Missing some key ingredients? 

No stress – Knorr have partnered up with eButler that allows you to order the ingredients you need. AND they bring it to your door, no hassle, in an hour and a half.

Ideal if you have a last minute get together, place the order before you leave work, get home and there is your delivery. How cool is that?

Just hit the icon on the website, it will require you to register with all your details and payment methods etc – and then you are ready to start shopping!

Get some inspiration…

If you are looking for some great inspiration for what to make the family, or are trying to eat healthy like me, or are looking for traditional recipes, or pasta recipes the inspiration collection page is laid out beautifully, with photo’s of the different recipes, making it easier to select.


Check them out here

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