I was lucky enough to join the team from BSH Home Appliances Group, an innovative and forward-thinking company and the world-renowned Dion Chang from Flux Trends, at an exclusive event where Dion shed light on different trends around the world and how these disrupting trends influence businesses in South Africa.

The event was hosted in association with Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau Home Appliances at their newly launched Brand Experience Centre in Kramerville – and I must say not only were the appliances stunning, but the talk that Dion delivered on the impact of being “WOKE” in today’s day and age was riveting. So much so that I almost broke my chair – but that is a story for later…

Dion Chang took us on a verbal and visual journey that explored world trend disruptions and explained how world class companies are adapting to stay relevant in today’s market place. The discussion explored trends in technology, retail and marketing, economy, the natural world, diplomacy and the socio-cultural environments.

“In the last two years disruptions and the sense of unease that it brings has spread rapidly shifting social norms, which have seeped into the realms of both business and politics. In turn, the political arena has become messier and radically polarised”, says Dion.

Enrico Hoffmann, Managing Director of BSH South Africa shares that “Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau understands the importance of looking ahead and our engineers are looking at global trends and innovations that will impact the future.”

Even though Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau have a rich heritage it is evident that these brands also represent technological prowess and lead the way into the future of kitchens.

The Home Connection Trend

Home Connect is already a prominent offering overseas for Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances allowing homeowners to control their household appliances using their smartphones or tablets. This means homeowners will be able to preheat the oven while they are still in the supermarket.

But Home Connect goes a step further, homeowners are given tips and tricks on using the appliances and suitable accessories which can be ordered in just a few clicks, as well as recipe ideas, information on the status of appliances and technical support help for any malfunctions.

Home Connect uses wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) to connect household appliances with a specific smartphone or tablet. This means they do not need any additional hardware: just a device with Home Connect functionality and the app that can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android.

Appliances that have an integrated Wi-Fi chip are remotely controlled and managed using Home Connect. Across the world, the networking of devices – the internet of things – is a mega trend. Networking has been a part of our daily lives for some time now: heat, light, security, multimedia and entertainment are just a few examples of the use of this technology.

The evening left guests with much to consider on how these global trends will influence industries and how business leaders will have to use innovation and embrace global trends to stay relevant in the market.

The BSH Brand Experience Centre in Johannesburg can be located at 30 Archimedes Street, Kramerville, Sandton.

They are open to the public from Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 16:00 and Saturdays, 09:00 to 12:30.

For more information about the BSH Home Appliance group, you can visit https://www.bsh-group.com/ 

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