Always staying up to date, local bank Nedbank have seen a problem, and created the perfect solution. I don’t have kids – but I really love this idea, and hope that we can develop something like this for busy folk like me to keep track of not only payments, but other things as well, like buying groceries etc!

Their new and innovative payments solution was created to simplify school payments to help teachers, parents and kids. The Karri Payment Solution (powered by Nedbank) is a global first, proudly built by local entrepreneurs to solve a local problem. This solution is for parents, teachers and schools who are often inconvenienced by payments for all types of school activities.

The Karri app makes payments to schools for events such as civvies days, school trips and other fundraising activities easy and secure, using a built-for-purpose mobile payment application.

Aliya Al-Haeri, a parent of a learner at The Grove Primary School, attests to how the Karri app provides convenience and simplifies lives for parents, ‘It’s like Uber for school payment; it has made everything easy and cashless. I am all for innovation and I think it is fantastic.’

The Karri app gives parents an instant solution that allows them to send money securely to their children’s school at the click of a button, anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, Karri has a built-in reminder, calendar and transaction history functionality to ensure you are informed of events that your child takes part in and can pay accordingly.

I remember going to school with money in an envelope – that is certainly not safe any more, especially in a city where kids are being mugged for their text books – this is great!

‘At Nedbank we encourage people to see money differently by taking advantage of new innovations, such as the Karri app, that free up valuable teaching time and take away the hassle of making those urgent payments. This is in line with Nedbank’s commitment to ensuring ease of banking anywhere, anytime, making safer money transactions possible, and ultimately delivering convenience for the benefit of our clients,’ says Thomas Muller, Nedbank Business Banking Head of Digital Innovation.

For schools, using Karri will help eliminate collecting, counting and banking cash. It will reduce time spent on administrative tasks by teachers and allow for a holistic view of all money received for events throughout the year.

This convenient, mobile solution brings all school-related activities together on one platform, enabling easy, convenient payments, removing the need to draw cash and the risk of children losing the money. In an increasingly digital world where many parents and schools are already using apps for communication, the Karri app will greatly assist parents and children in making essential school payments.

Find out more on their website here

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