So as you may, or may not know, I recently undertook a facial rejuvenation with the amazing team from Lightsculpt – and the results are beyond belief. Let’s be honest no one likes to age – or show signs of ageing should I say – least of all me, but a face lift at 39 felt a bit extreme, and I am so glad that I was introduced to the team at Lightsculpt, and shown what is possible, using minimally invasive treatments, to just give a slight lift and that ” I have just been on holiday” look that one strives for – as opposed to the “Oh, have you had work done” Yes – you know what I mean 😉

I got to be the “demo model” if you will for the amazing (and patient) Dr Alistair at a morning hosted at the Bedfordview branch, and although really nervous, was so excited to see the results. So let’s find out more:

What it’s all about:

Using only a few ml’s of filler Dr. Alistair can totally transform the face. Many doctors simply fill the affected area, which works for a short while, but Dr. Alistair has worked out key points that with a minimal amount of filler can totally pull up the rest of the skin on the face – and voila – lines be gone!

At R 2800 per syringe (1ml) this is seriously well priced!

The Treatment:

I was super nervous, but knowing that the end result would be so worth it, I kept it together quite well. It’s also a little weird having 20 people watch you when you do something like this, so I think that added to my nerves as well. But all in all it went really well.

Dr. Alistair removed my makeup and then liberally spread a numbing cream all over my face that worked like a bomb. Bye bye saggy old face…

I accidentally got some in one corner of my mouth and felt like a gibbering idiot for a while. Me, trying not to freak out here…

Once the skin is numb, he then plots out exactly where to inject with a white pencil crayon – kind of like a road map if you will. Here I am getting dotted and plotted…

And off we went. The chin, one side of my forehead and the canula under the eyes were possibly the worst bits. The numbing cream really helped, and all i felt was the needle prick, and then the pressure as the filler was injected. It also makes like a really weird snapping sound as the fillers enters the face – it’s very odd – but you get used to it.

Dr. Alistair kept checking if I was okay – and to be honest I was watching the reactions of those standing around and everyone looked so impressed, I kind of forgot to be scared.

So, as it was part of a demonstration, we did one half of my face only – which probably took about 25 minutes, with Dr explaining each step and the reason behind it as he went along.

When I sat up to have a look in the mirror I almost fell over with surprise. Although slightly red and bumpy you can already see a difference – look here..

We then quickly did the other half of the face – if Dr. wasn’t doing a demo it would probably take about 30 minutes in total for the whole thing. Can you notice the the difference in the two sides of my face? Eye brow lifted and eye looking bigger. Mouth lines reduced and jowls smaller. Check the difference here…

The After Effects:

Day of the treatment:

Face stayed red for quite some time, despite lightly applying powder over my face. Wasn’t too sore, was just very mindful of not touching or bumping my face. Slept with a pillow on either side of my head to stop myself from rolling over in the middle of the night. This was hell – my back got so sore, but got creative with body twists etc. Face quite tender and applied makeup very gently. Me in the car on the way home…

Day 1:

Can see a bit of a difference in my face, but was kinda wishing it was more. I had raised bumps on both sides of my jawline from my cheek injections. Face tender. Tried not to roll over in the night, but honestly can’t tell you how well I did…

Day 2:

There was some slight bruising under one of my eyes, which I zapped some arnica ointment on. The bumps on my jawline were really sore today. My face feels slightly taught, and when I make extreme facial expressions I can feel that there is something different – not uncomfortable, just weird.

I must say it’s looking much better – keep catching a glimpse of my face when I go to the bathroom – starting to like what I see. I look thinner!! Jowls still feel like they are big – but let’s not be hasty shall we. A colleague who wasn’t aware grabbed my face as part of a joke and I almost jumped through the ceiling. Petrified of winding up lopsided!

Day 3: 

Less pain today – one side of my jaw is still a bit sore, but better all in all. Bruises slightly smaller and feeling much better. I was at an event today and a lady was telling me about her kids and her 42nd birthday that she had just recently celebrated. She then asked me if i had kids, to which I replied no, and she went on to say “Oh, you focus on your career, you have plenty of time hunny.” I almost burst out laughing as I am but 2 and a half years younger than her. Yay, best compliment ever!!

Day 4:

I tried to look happy in my photo today – I realise I look way to serious when I am concentrating 🙂 Jaw pain almost gone, felt a bit more comfortable to wash my face today as well. Saw someone that was at the event this past weekend, and they commented that I really am looking well. I am tired, I have been working crazy hours and my under eye bags are terrible – holiday next week and looking forward to relaxing and hopefully when I return my little transformation will be complete, and the under eye bags gone. poof!

Day 7:

I still look tired, but you can certainly see the change in my face – I am so happy, I was so tired of being well…tired and looking old, I certainly feel a good few years younger. Excited to see Dr. Alistair on Day 10 for my check up!

Day 10:

Le grande finale – so happy with the results. Dr. Alistair checked that everything was 100% as I was leaving for holiday the next day. I have to be honest this entire process may be slightly addictive – the effects are just so natural, no one really noticed anything unless I told them or showed them the pictures – perfect! I think I may have a few more things planned…

Final picture showing before and after:

Find out more about Lightsculpt and the many procedures they offer, from peels, to botox and weight loss…and tons more. PS – ask for Dr Alistair, he is great and not bad on the eye either…

W: http://lightsculpt.co.za/

T: 011 616 1436

A: 20A Kloof Road cnr The Parade Str , Bedfordview OR 8 Bolton Road cnr Bath Ave, Rosebank

If you have any questions you are welcome to mail me on info@heatherhook.com and I will share as much of my personal experience with you as I can. I truly believe that every person who is conscious of how they look, and cares for their body should make every effort that they can to prevent the signs of ageing that we all face – and as minimally invasive treatments as possible, which are now available in SA.

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