As you know I am desperately trying to bant this year – but I won’t lie – I do have a very sweet tooth, which does on rare occasion, require satisfying! So imagine my joy when I found out that Darling Sweet, who have only been going for three years, can you believe – are expanding their range with the addition of two new flavours.

This now brings the number of to 10 the number of flavours, that this small company now produces. You must recognise their unique packaging – and catchy names like Tannie Evita’s Classic, Honey & Salt, Red Wine & Chocolate, Orange & Cranberry, Sour Fig and more?

A wonderfully inspirational success story, Darling Sweet has not only provided employment for residents of the town but has also become a draw card for locals and international visitors who have heard about their toffees and want to sample them for themselves.


So what are the flavors, you ask? Enter stage left Coffee Toffee, which creatively blends the rich full-bodied flavours of brewed coffee with the well-rounded sweetness of their famous toffee, and Mint Toffee, which combines the fresh flavour of mint with their rich butter-caramel toffee – a cooling sensation, and a traditional favourite.”

I am getting hungry as I type this, seriously. The team st Darling Sweet use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible – for example raw veld flower honey and fleur de sel, hand harvested salt.

For more information on Darling Sweet check em out here 

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