The Caucasian Chalk Circle is the latest offering from the team at Joburg Theatre, and is  particularly relevant to the current affairs in South Africa and in fact many societies around the world to an extent.

The play runs on The Fringe stage at Joburg Theatre, from April 5th to April 23rd 2017 and is a play set within-a-play which is one of the famous dramatist Brecht’s epic theatre techniques.

The stellar cast featuring Aubrey Poo, Izak Davel, Neka Da Costa, Jacques Wolmarans, Simpho Mathejwa, Nyeleti Ndubane, Mimi Mahlasela and Koketso Motlhabane.

The story unfolds in a made-up town called Grusinia, where a government expert is sent to sort out a land dispute between two groups of farmers.

The themes that can be witnessed in the play include government corruption, land disputes, the gap between the rich and the poor, child neglect and women abuse which are all in the midst amongst other socio economic issues constantly seen in news headlines almost every day around our country.

Although there are heavy topics presented throughout the story, such as assassination, child neglect, and totalitarianism, the tones of the scenes are almost always meant to be humorous.

Various accents are kept close to contemporary South Africa in order to provide it with a local feel but not diversion from the original context. 

Bertolt Brecht’s sentiment that the audience should arrive at a decision to change the world they live in, and not walk away with a feeling of mere catharsis are kept in the play.

Venue: Joburg Theatre, Braamfontein

Dates: April 5th to April 23rd 2017.

Tickets: R100 – R180 on www.joburgtheatre.com or call 0861 670 670, as well as through Webtickets. 

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