Stay tuned – as this will be an ongoing post over the next few weeks. In 10 days time I am having my first proper facial rejuvenation. I say rejuvenation, as it’s certainly not a face lift, but it will involve fillers and some changes to my facial appearance – not changes as in physically, but changes as in a new, refreshed, lighter feel – I am excited!

At 39 years old, I have done the best I can, with the resources available to me, to look after my skin – also very fair with freckles and the harsh South African climate doesn’t help that either, but even I have to admit, after the years of stress, the delightfully polluted Joburg air and general ageing, I am starting to look my age. Yuck.

I headed through to LightSculpt clinic this morning for my first consult with Dr Alistair who came highly recommended by a friend, and to be honest I was a bit nervous about what to expect, you know, fancy clinic and what not, but the ladies at reception made me feel right at home.

Lightsculpt specialise in just about everything, from augmentations, to peels, weight loss, skin tightening, cellulite removal to laser and that all intriguing and slightly gross – vampire facial (which fascinates me!)

Yeah, yeah everyone hates filling out those extensive forms, but in a way I find the more thorough they are – the safer I feel, sort of like they have every eventuality covered, you know.

I had literally just finished filling out the form, when the very dashing Dr. Alistair was ready to consult with me. Honest to a fault, we got in front of the mirror and the good doc proceeded to point out where I needed a little boost.

Two hollow spots on my forehead that I had never noticed, as well as puffiness under the eyes, brought on by a combination of smoking and polluted air, to the starting of jowls (dear God no – but yes, sadly true) and a few spots that could just use a little lift and a slight refurb.

Don’t think of it as a face panel – think of it as a slight tweek – that “Oh my gosh, did you just go on holiday? You look so relaxed” question that everybody loves to hear.

So – next thing you need to see is my un-maked up face in all its 39 year old glory. Lack of sleep and living on a high stress lifestyle – here goes:

This is going to be a 2 month journey with me and my face – so prepare yourself for the good, the bad and the ugly.

I am scared, but excited at the same time – scared as I hate pain and flinch at the sight of a needle, excited to look refreshed and see what this is all about. Hold thumbs for me as I go under the needle on 1st April.

View the Light Sculpt website here: http://lightsculpt.co.za

T: 011 616 1436

A: 20A Kloof Road cnr The Parade Str , Bedfordview OR 28 Bolton Road cnr Bath Ave, Rosebank, Gauteng

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