Oh the very trials and tribulations being a sexy lady (or at least trying to pretend to be, and look like one, LOL)

So the necessary evil – and I say evil as I have a non-existent pain threshold and have almost not only kicked a therapist in an accidental knee jerk waxing reaction (she was quite spry and missed my, luckily, unshod foot), but have also uttered profanities that would make a sailor blush.

But what must be done, must be done. That said – I swallowed four Panado’s and headed down the road to meet the ladies yielding the wax at WAXIT Douglasdale. 

Okay – as the name implies – they are a wax bar dedicated solely to smooth skin. Perfect for men and women, all this preening takes place in a “zone of heavenly bliss” where you’ll be pampered and delighted.

Straight up – there are NO manicures, facials or pedicures – they are called WAXIT because that’s what they do – they WAXIT. From eyebrows to bikinis and everything in between – a haven of hairlessness and a sanctuary of smooth. Wax on. Wax off.

And I was quite impressed – everything the ladies can do, the gents can get done too – including the dreaded Hollywood (yes, everything off down there!)

Beautifully appointed in shades of green and white – possibly to help calm you down – the salon is surprisingly large  – with 4 rooms and a clean, fresh feel throughout. The staff are friendly – and luckily my therapist announced we would be threading my eyebrows once I was undressed – stopping me from running away screaming.

I detest threading – it hurts worse than waxing – in my opinion – but I gritted my teeth and we got on with it. Surprisingly quick, and I was super impressed with the beautiful shape created. I may have had to ask for a tissue to wipe my tears mid-way – but I am dramatic at the best of times, lets be honest.

Then on to the lip wax – luckily I am not a hairy human, so that went relatively smoothly – and in two pulls, I was done – no more Dr Zoidberg for me! (For those of you not in the know, Dr Zoidberg is a very cool character from the animated series Futurama…)

Then on to the best for last – Hollywood wax. To be honest I have not waxed since a terrible experience in November last year at a salon that left me burnt and with welts – so I was nervous. Never to fear, onwards we went. Luckily this was fast as well, and to be honest one of the most painfree (and fast) Hollywood waxes I have ever had in the 12 years I have been waxing.

I love to talk, so it was great to natter with Ledi, my therapist to distract myself – but if you aren’t a chatterer, their rooms are equipped with wireless headphones and tablets so that you can read magazines, browse online or listen to music – nice, right? Also they are open 7 days a week…just saying.

 So – go check ’em out…I will be back 🙂

T: 011 704 2577

A: Shop 20, Douglasdale Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Douglas Drive & Leslie Ave, Douglasdale
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