As you know I am a big supporter of the development of skills in the youth – and The South African Championships of Performing Arts (SACOPA) are doing just that!

Having just announced the 20th edition of the South African World Championship in the Performing Arts which will take place at the Johannesburg Expo Centre, from the 31 March to 9 April 2017.

SACOPA is the only recognised national competition for both novice and experienced performers, and includes the six disciplines in the performing arts, focusing on both junior and senior divisions.

The event is being held under the auspices of Beyond 2000 – Performing Arts Development. Beyond 2000 has been a platform for the youth of South Africa since 1998 to excel in the performing arts space and competing on an international level their peers from around the world. 

Currently, there are about 160 Educational Schools in Gauteng that are participating, more schools are involved where their learners attend music, drama and dance schools outside of the Departmental Schools.

SACOPA is the brain child of Dr Ellen Roux who is also the President of the South African Association of Talent, Modelling and Entertainment (SAATME) and the license holder of The World Championships of Performing Arts. 

With 39 years of dedication to Arts and Culture Development, Dr Roux’s passion, love and dedication to all children of SA is aimed at providing the individuals with a career in the performing arts, which is not well catered for in our schooling system, unlike sports. 

Her dedication is providing a career development path specifically for young people from previously disadvantage communities.

We are thankful to the Gauteng Department of Arts & Culture that has provided support with their involvement in the accreditation process, making it easier for us to communicate with schools and the industry.

For more information on SA World Championships, please visit them here

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