Let’s be honest pasta is filled with joy. Okay, well it’s my comfort food after a long day – nothing better than Showmax and pasta in bed. I also love getting creative with whatever is my fridge – and Knorr are ready to help transform your usual pantry ingredients in to something spectacular – no hassle.

Knorr has just released their new Mzansi Style recipes made with their wide range of pasta and cook-in sauces at a host of events throughout Johannesburg.

Mzansi style pasta combines the totally awesome flavours from Knorr with the traditional delicacies of South Africa from chicken and spinach to wors and chakalaka and transforms them into over twenty mouthwatering pasta recipes. 

The recipes have been created by local chefs to inspire South Africans to cook pasta in their own homes and be ambitious with their flavour combinations – so super easy!

Check out my boerewors, veg and durban curry flavoured creation – totes yummy!

If you want to get creative, make sure to visit whatsfordinner.co.za and try out the many Mzansi flavour recipes featured at the events and on their  website.  The most popular recipes have also been filmed step by step and are featured on YouTube. Make sure to share your creation with #MyMzansiPasta. Happy cooking!

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americanlamboard.com February 19, 2017 at 1:20 pm

I have used Knorr pasta mixes up to a year past the date and they have been fine. It all depends upon how they were stored though, if they were out in your garage getting hot in the summer time they might not be as good now.

    Heather Hook February 23, 2017 at 8:44 am

    I would not suggest leaving them for years, but yes, they do last quite long, which is great! Keep a few in the cupboard for a culinary emergency!

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