It`s time to take a fresh look at relationships in 2017…and Alan Commmitie brings it to you with a comic, honest and sometimes even touching look at couples.

Committie explores the mcrazy differences between men and women, the weird, crazy side of marriage and dating and even tries to finally provide the right answers to those horribly loaded questions, “Do you think I look fat?”, “Are you listening to me?” and “Would you prefer to go to the cricket or spend the day with me and my mom!?!”

Love Factually sees the every man hero  investigatigating everything from Tinder and text breakups (my WORST!), online attractions and detractions, surviving as a post-modern, metro-quasi-dexi-semi-multi-mano-sexual, to exploring single vs mingle, the apparent gift of having children and the supposed burden of family…

If you enjoyed Defending the Caveman – you will LOVE this fresh take on why it`s ok for men and women to be so different.

Show times: Wednesdays – Fridays: 20:00 Saturdays: 17:00 & 20:00 Sundays: 15:00

Cost: R100 – R180

Venue: The Pieter Toerin Theatre, Montecasino

Book: Click here

Running until: 12th March 2017

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