This was weird. Awesome but weird…kind of like being in the head of someone on acid. The international entertainment phenomenon, Blue Man Group was like nothing I have ever seen before. In fact I wasn’t actually sure what to expect at all – yet their award-winning production, featuring the famous three, bald, blue men was riveting and humorous, all at the same time.

Musicians at heart, they get creative with everything from drums, to plumbing pipes, to life size cell phones, cereal and paint. Lots of paint. Not to mention lights. Yes, lots of lights too!



My favourite part of the show was the drumming with paint, pouring liquid paint on to the drums as they perform, creating a spectacular visual effect to behold.

Blue Man group is pretty much a comedy, theatre, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one. Audience participation is key, and audience members wind up on stage doing weird and wonderful things with the funny blue men.

Co-founder Chris Wink says `When we first began creating performances centred on this innocent, curious character called Blue Man, we never dreamt where he would lead us. We are so honoured to be able to share our show with the people of South Africa and beyond. We believe the Blue Man`s universal message of joyful exuberance and euphoric celebration resonates within all of us.`


CEO of Big Concerts, Justin Van Wyk said ‘Blue Man Group is hugely popular around the world – first time audiences leave the theatre so exhilarated by the show that it has one of the highest return businesses of any theatrical event. We know it will be the talk of Johannesburg and Cape Town when audiences finally get to experience this innovative, playful, colourful spectacle.`

The characters are amusing, innocent and childish in some ways, but I laughed until I cried at some of the skits, and not a single word was spoken the entire time.
More info and tickets via Computicket here
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