Okay, so my hunt for healthy alternatives continues. I love to eat, and good yummy food, don’t give me cardboard or polyfilla tasting substitutes – good food, right? Also I love pizza – but it does tend to have that “unhealthy” “carb” flag on it, doesn’t it? 

Well hello there Andiccio24 you sexy thing. Banting bases, gluten free and wholewheat bases and a huge range of healthy toppings – and yes not something to eat every day – but a pizza on your cheat day is totally acceptable, isn’t it?

Andiccio 24 currently has 18 stores operating in Gauteng,  but are expanding faster than a pizza-lover’s smile, and insist that world domination is imminent 🙂 I am okay with that.


Their latest offering, Hyde Park, is ideally located on Jan Smuts avenue, loads of parking available too, but they are dotted all over Gauteng – Bryanston, Sandton – you name it!

Their story is a simple one. We live in a country filled with diversity that inspires the team at Andiccio 24 every day, and they embrace that people are different, with unique tastes. We all love different toppings, different combo’s – nothing is too weird for the team at Andiccio’s – they also do salads, soups, milkshakes, totally yummy cup cakes and muffins, and yes – even sweet treat pizza’s slathered in Nutella, astro’s marshmallows…you name it!

Also they stock one of my fave ice cream’s Haagen-Dazs in store, who are coincidentally running a Valentines promo of buy 2 pints of Haagen-Dazs and get a third one free – so you can take the joy home with you for later!

  • Heather’s note – give the tomato and olive banting base a whirl. Yummo.

Check out their site for more store info here

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