I have to be honest I never thought I would become a Starbucks fan – then I had my first frappacino and the rest as they say, is history.

This week Starbucks launched its much-anticipated loyalty programme to reward customers which allows customers to not only redeem rewards whatever they purchase at stores, but you can also pay at stores through the Starbucks mobile app. 

 “This is a significant milestone for us as we launch this much-awaited loyalty programme in South Africa. Starbucks Rewards is a great way to thank our valued customers and at the same time, enhance the in-store experience and deliver value through an innovative digital solution, says CEO of Starbucks licensed partner in South Africa, Taste Holdings, Carlo Gonzaga.

Okay – so it works like this – there are two levels, Green and Gold, with each tier offering value-added benefits to customers. You start on the Green level and earn one star for every R2 spent – when you reach 250 stars, you can then unlock rewards like free handcrafted beverages and food. Yaaasss!

To get to Gold level, you need to earn 750 stars, and again even more benefits await – stuff like free coffee on your birthday, free refills on freshly brewed coffee and tea, as well as invitations to super exclusive member-only events. 

Literally a complete cashless payment solution that lets you pay using this super cool ‘shake and pay’ feature. A little QR code pops up when you shake the app, and the cashier can scan it – and there you go. No wallet with you? No problemo!

“Alternative payment methods to cash are on the rise, and there’s not much that’s more convenient than simply shaking to pay.  A further benefit is never having to worry about carrying around your wallet or purse, as you pay directly from the app. Convenience and ease of use is paramount and we are confident that our app will deliver for our customers,” says Gonzaga.

You can also use the awesome store locator to find your nearest store, trading times and what products and specials are on offer. You can even order an uber through the app! Send a voucher directly from your app and receive notifications once your gift has been delivered. The Starbucks gift card can be spent on anything at Starbucks stores – this is my kind of birthday gift, truly ( I am terrible at remembering to buy presents!)

The Starbucks mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Find out more info on www.starbucks.co.za  or log in to the play store on your phone and download the Starbucks South Africa app – and off you go!

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