I do recall Wellness Warehouse featuring quite clearly on my radar back in the day when i was a no make up wearing gym bunny back in the day in Cape Town. I won’t tell you how long ago that was, but let’s say I have been in Jozi long enough to know that my lifestyle just ain’t right.

So, imagine my joy to discover that Wellness Warehouse are around and about in Gautengaleng as well. Currently boasting 4 rather impressive stores, might I add, in Pretoria, I am looking forward to paying them a visit soon.

Wellness Warehouse is one of South Africa’s leading health and wellness retailers, and have been knocking around since 2007 would you believe. Now boasting over 21 stores, as well as an online shop – it’s clear that health and wellness are featuring on almost everyone’s radar these days.

Wellness Warehouse provide a 360⁰ approach to wellness, if you will – so they offer holistic health solutions that cater to every aspect of well being, be it looking better, moving better, eating or supplementing better.

Having lived with a fully blown diabetic father for most of my adult life, their range of products for diabetic and other special diets, be it paleo, banting, gluten free, whatever floats your boat – Wellness Warehouse has the supplements and natural remedies for you.

Even holistic baby and family care, beauty products and more are on offer. Great stuff, I say to myself, having just recently started some kind of health crusade (not sure what it is, but it involves less wine, more water and trying to vaguely keep head above water, and being able to shut my pants, after a serious few months of working myself to my limits.)

They have stores in the brand new Menlyn Maine Shopping Centre in Pretoria , as well as Menlyn Mall itself, The Grove Mall and Brooklyn Mall as well as Woodlands Boulevard. Eureka! Bring on the new Heather 🙂

Check them out here

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