I have always loved GoodLuck – not only do they epitomize what every highly successful South African band should aim to do with their career, but all three band members are genuinely kind and sweet, patient with interviewers, and manage to fill festivals and concerts like very few bands can.

So, upon hearing the news that they had teamed up with German duo YouNotus in their Berlin studio to craft their latest hit single; The Open Sea, I got super excited!

Says Ben Peters from GoodLuck “There was a synergy working with Gregor and Tobias which manifests in the way this song effortlessly transports you into summer.” 

“I was thinking of those incredible holiday romances that feel like they’re gonna last forever – even though you know they are just fleeting moments.” says Jules, the voice, and face of GoodLuck (if you have missed her blue streaked hair, then you are missing out.)

With the always trusty blend of GoodLuck’s sultry vocals and organic sounds, combined with the deeper grooves of the Berlin underground – this is a song that will be burning up the summer airwaves around the world in no time – guaranteed.

The Open Sea is the fourth single from GoodLuck’s critically acclaimed 3rd album, The Nature Within which was officially released in October 2016, and the single promises to be lighting up airwaves across SA in a matter of no time.

Get your hands on Nature Within: https://SonyMusicAfrica.lnk.to/DBc5V

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