The passion and love that goes in to each and every bottle of gin that leaves Angel Heart is inspiring to say the least. Proud owners Jaco and Jacqueline have put heart and soul in to their gin distellery, based in Linbro Park, for the last two years. Month’s spent learning how to make gin, trying different herbs, spices and flavors, until they go it just right!

They now produce Westcliff Gin, Ginifer Gin – and Angel Heart Liquer (which is hella tasty too, might I add)

Westcliff gin is inspired by this rich heritage of gold flowing through the veins of this landscape, and the gold rush of 1884. Skilfully infused with botanicals that are native to Africa, this gin is bold and statement making, not to mention that the bottle is just divine!

Ginifer Gin comes in two variants – Barrel aged Chili infusion and Artisanal.

Chili infusion has been created as a special edition for Gin lovers who enjoy a little bit of a skop in their drink, whilest Ginifer Artisanal Joburg Dry Gin is carefully crafted in small batches and copper distilled on site. They endeavour to produce the very best Gin that Africa has on offer.

Making use of 13 different botanicals, sourced from all over the world, a number of the botanicals are actually native African medicinal herbs and sourced from places such as the Faraday muti market.

Angel Heart is a spicy liqueur careful blended using barrel aged chili and a number of natural herbs and spices. It has a suprising kick, as well as being sweet and spicy, and is infused with citrus, vanilla, berry and other flavours. It can be enjoyed as a frozen shot, on ice, as part of an exotic cocktail or to make alcoholic frozen deserts. YUM!

Find out more:

W: www.anglhrt.com

T: (011) 608 1838

E: jacqueline@anglhrt.com

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