Not often I venture in to Eastgate Shopping Centre – but a visit to PRIMI Eastgate has had itself a bit of revamp, and it is most certainly bang on target, 

With its staff at its heart, and a family feel, this traditional Italian owned chain is making sure that their staff and customers are engaged on all levels. The kitchen has been opened up, with the pizza oven now a focal point in the actual restaurant and the kitchen staff highly visible as they go about their culinary activities.

Brick work and neutral tones, exposed elements such as ducting, stone counter tops and raw wood floors keep the earthy traditional feel that PRIMI Eastgate is renowned for. 

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The menu, although still featuring the great traditional foods we have come to know and love, now includes a Spuntini section, and it’s here that you will find great snack foods, be it to tide you over until dinner, a quick bite between meetings, or something to munch on while you are watching the rugby – the array is superb. 

From Italian meatballs served with a creamy relish, to delicious, hand pressed and stone baked flatbreads with a variety of fresh sauces and dipping goodies or a fresh carpaccio, you will most certainly not be lacking for something delicious to enjoy.

Do yourself a favour and try something called a Blooming Onion. It’s an onion that has been deep fried and is possibly the most heavenly thing I have laid my hands on.

The owner, Gavin, is so involved and hands on it would be difficult to leave without becoming friends with him.

Yup – it’s a hit!

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