In an interesting turn of events this weekend – a struggling artist that sold her rights to a song she co-wrote back in 2012 went on a rather misguided witch hunt in an attempt to discredit latest Idols winner, Noma Khumalo and her record label Gallo Records, and failed miserably.

Well not so much failed, as in managed to drum up some sympathy from the real owner of the song, who offered to give her song credits and royalties, yet she refuses to apologise for going to the media and for slandering an innocent artist and her record label.

In an attempt to prop up her ailing career, Disembo Ntsolo/Mahlangu found out via back handed means that a song that she had written back in 2012 – whilst under contract to Le Clere Music, and part of her contract which is clear, is that any music written while under the label would become part of the library of that label – and that she would have no claim to them, and to which she signed. Oh look surprise!

Four years later, her music is about to rocket one of the most popular Idols winner ever in to the stratosphere of music history, and now she wants some time in the lime light. As Somizi would say – Wu Shem!

For those not in the music industry – it works like this. Artists can write their own songs, do a collaboration with other artists, or purchase song lyrics that they like, and then record it in their own style.

The last one is what Gallo did with Noma, Gallo purchased the song that had been sold to Sheer Publishing in 2012 by Ntsolo – who co-wrote the song with another writer and the song went in to the “song library”.

Gallo loved the lyrics so much and thought they would be a great fit for Noma. So they bought the song and recorded it. Now, Ntoslo would like to be credited as writing the song (or as she put’s it “Noma stole 5 years worth of work from me”)
Seems a bit strange that all of a sudden Ntsolo is releasing her own song right now, also called Joy, and sounding exactly the same as Noma’s one. Very strange indeed.

Somebody at the publishing company chose not to put Ntsolo’s name on the song, for whatever reason – so she took to social media to call Noma and Gallo Records thieves, and hoped that Noma’s album would be a “flop”.

This issue was escalated and Le Clere music, who wrote the song with Ntsolo and technically own the entire song (since she was signed to them) has offered to credit her and pay her royalties – however she refuses to apologise for slandering another artist.

Well done Disembo – you managed to get some Twitter reactions, another 3 followers, and pretty much disgust from most of the musical fraternity as well as other artists. Can we get a slow clap here folks…oh come on…no?

I think the saddest thing is that accusing another artist of stealing your song may well get you some money, but really no respect, how far gone and failed do you have to be really?

I am totally in support of Noma and Gallo Records, what a surprising day watching this poor woman degrade herself and her name on social media even further – literally made popcorn and watched the explosions like a fire works show. Let’s do the right thing and support Noma!

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Isaac Dec 20, 2016 at 7:56 pm

Good news for her, now back to business

    Heather Hook Dec 22, 2016 at 7:01 am

    Indeed – heading down to CNA today to grab my copy! #Joy

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